• ECLER JAQUA Business Administration Department, Trident University International, California, United State of America.
  • TERRY JAQUA Health Sciences Department, Trident University International, California, United State of America.



leadership, management, business, performance, organization, strategy


A visionary leader is someone that encourages, motivates, and creates necessary changes that will make an organization grow. They trust their staff without micromanaging and listen to their opinions and suggestions. Because of these outstanding qualities, a visionary leader can lead different types of teams such as functional, cross-functional, self-managed, and virtual teams. They are able to utilize good communication and build meaningful relationships with their employees. Additionally, they have a fresh mindset to create new ideas, learn, teach and apply the latest technology available to their company. The key for any successful leadership is to be a good communicator, flexible and transparent, qualities present in most visionary leadership types.


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