• YU MENG CUI College of Creative Arts, Conservatory of Music, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor, Malaysia.



new media, Chinese minority music, strategies, suggestions


With the rapid development of new media technology, Chinese minority music, which is a magnificent cultural wealth, is attracting more and more people's attention. This paper discusses the use of new media channels to give full play to the advantages of ethnic minority music transmission, and how to promote its wider inheritance and development through these channels. By analyzing different new media platforms and successful cases, the study reveals the potential of new media in promoting ethnic minority music. This paper also puts forward a series of practical strategies to protect and inherit minority music, including promoting cooperation and exchange, strengthening educational promotion and cross-border cooperation, aiming to enrich China's cultural diversity through diversified means of communication, and promote the protection of cultural heritage and cultural exchange. This study provides valuable theoretical and practical guidance for the dissemination and development of minority music in the context of new media.


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